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Experimental building pikovice
Experimental design

Project description

In terms of typology, the “experimental and demonstrational environmentally-advanced building – passive family house Pikovice,” is a family house with a progressive operating layout. The building fully accommodates the function of individual housing, but is expected to be used primarily for study, research, information and educational purposes as soon as it is finished and passes the occupancy inspection, with particular focus on general environmentally-advanced principles, methods and technologies of residential development, construction and building design. Given the study, research, information and educational operation, the building’s re­sidential function will be preserved in the so-called “inner house”. The studio and the “intermediary space / inner garden” will serve study, educational and information purposes.

The goal of all the project components is to support priorities – reduce the energy demands of buildings and optimize the utilization of renewable sources, not just in relation to the use of buildings, but also in relation to architectural designing, structural designs and technical equipment used in buildings, their implementation, the production of the materials used and the mode of delivery. This goal cannot be achieved implemented without a sufficient degree of professional experiment to be evaluated; its results will be published on webpages, in specialized magazines, at meetings, workshops…

The project has three basic parts

  1. Design, project preparation and construction of an experimental and demonstrational building – environmentally-advanced building.
  1. The project includes the research and development of innovative elements and principles of environmentally-advanced construction and architecture; this research and development is performed during the stages of designing, project and projection preparation; the building’s ope­ration after its completion will verify the results of development of innovative elements, the achieved parameters of the structural elements and equipment and its operation will be monitored and measured; if needed, development will continue to optimize the results.
  1. The preparations for erecting the experimental building and its operation will be accompanied by educational, training, information activities (including information exchange) as well as popularizing – having the form of seminars, trainings, lectures and practical demonstrations, but also internships.