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Experimental building pikovice
Experimental design

Research and development

Research and development will, among others, focus on:

  • Areas of buildings with transitional microclimate (neither interior, nor exterior) – their function in the building’s ope­ration, options for use by house residents, their microclimatic and energy-saving functions
  • Systems and elements of passive heat accumulation in residential buildings and passive protection against excessive heat gains
  • Application of principles of root treatment plants in passive ventilation and heat accumulation systems
  • Use of systems of root treatment plants for interior pools
  • Application of circulation pump systems within the framework of root treatment plants supplied by solar resources
  • Adjustment of the microclimate of interior and transitional spaces by means of intense vegetation
  • Research of the building’s in­fluence on the nearby Natura 2000 area and a bird nesting area
  • Research of water quality in outdoor water mains (root treatment plant with seepage)